Conference Summary

PC4 held its fifth Scientific Symposium in Sydney at the Novotel, Darling Harbour on 25th May. The Symposium highlighted PC4’s objectives of nurturing research collaboration and developing new primary care research. It was a fruitful day, driving discussions around current research, pathways and new methodologies. The Symposium provided the prospect of engaging with professionals, and consumers to share ideas on increasing studies that focus on the role of primary care in cancer.

The day opened with plenary speaker Dr David Weller, who leads the Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI), and is a member of the National Cancer Research Institute Primary Care Clinical Studies Development Group. Dr Weller spoke about The International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership, which is a crucial collaborative implementation that pursues reasons for international survival differences.

Prevention and diagnosis, survivorship and alternative trial design were the themes of the day. Consumer involvement is crucial to our activities and half of our Joint Consumer Advisory Group shared their personal stories and perspectives on research collaboration.

Another highlight of the Symposium was the panel discussion on overdiagnosis in primary care. The panel included Sanchia Aranda, Anne Cust, Kirsten McCaffery, Jon Emery and consumer Geoff Pritchard.

Cancer Council Victoria’s Rebecca Bergin won the best presentation on her project ‘Concordance between Optimal Care Pathway recommendations in primary and secondary care for colorectal cancer patients in Victoria.’ The best poster was awarded to Sibel Saya for ‘Discrimination of the Australian Population into Colorectal Cancer Screening Categories Using RISK Prediction Models’.

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