PC4 Grant Recipients

PC4  2017 Training Award Announcement: Xiaoping Lin

Qualifications: BA (Arts and Economics), Grad Dip Psych, PostGrad Dip Psych, PhD
Location: Melbourne
Role: Researcher
Project: Managing cancer survivors with comorbidities: practice and views of GPs.

Xiaoping Lin is an Early Career Researcher based at Monash University in Melbourne. She completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne and has been working with Professor Danielle Mazza on the PC4 supported LEAD trial.

Xiaoping Lin

PC4  2017 Training Award Announcement: Jinfeng Ding

Qualifications: MSN
Location: University of Western Australia
Role: Student
Project: Assessment of GP-led Palliative Care in Western Australia: a Pilot Study of End-of-Life Care Registry

Jinfeng Ding is a registered nurse and has completed Bachelor and Master’s degree in Nursing in China. He has been funded by the China Government Scholarship to study a PhD in public health at the University of Western Australia since August 2016.

Jinfeng Ding

PC4  2017 Training Award Announcement: Rebecca Bergin

Qualifications: BA&Sc(Hons)
Location: Melbourne
Role: Senior Research Officer, Cancer Council Victoria

For the first time this year we have also offered the Training Award to assist members establish new collaborations and develop their research skills. Rebecca Bergin is an Early Career Researcher based at the University of Melbourne. Rebecca will be travelling to Perth to visit researchers and program managers who are involved in developing, implementing and advocating for policies in relation to patient pathways and to further her knowledge of data linkage

Rebecca Bergin