Joint Community Advisory Group

The PC4 and PoCoG Joint Community Advisory Group (JCAG) provide advice on research directions and priorities from a consumer perspective.


Elle Ackland

Location: QLD
My Contribution: Elle is the Manager of Human Resources Business Partnering at Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service. Elle is passionate about achieving positive workplace relationships for both the employer and employee, and has a special interest in supporting ill and injured workers to return to the workplace.


Nikki Davis

Location: VIC
My Contribution: Nikki is a breast cancer survivor who would like to see more people living well with their cancer. In addition to her own cancer experience, she is aware of those of many others through her work as a peer support volunteer with women experiencing breast and gynaecological cancers. Nikki works in book publishing.


George Fishman

Location: NSW
My Contribution: Cancer survivor



Elizabeth Kuczek

Location: QLD
My Contribution: Elizabeth recognises the value of consumer perspective and interaction with primary care cancer research groups, after caring for her mother who passed away from multiple myeloma, a cancer that has seen little progress in its treatment over the years. She views her involvement with JCAG as a means of gaining a better understanding and contributing to improvements in clinical cancer care. Elizabeth enjoys being a member of JCAG, as it complements her medical research and project management experience. She is a Project Manager and has a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Adelaide.



Julie Marker

Location: SA
My Contribution: Julie has gained a consumer’s perspective from being a 3 times metastatic colon cancer survivor and a 2 times secondary liver cancer survivor. Julie previously worked as a clinical trial coordinator, and has worked with Divisions of General Practice mostly in rural South Australia. These life experiences have given Julie an insight into ’both sides’ of the research picture, enabling her to recognise the challenges and opportunities.


Don Piro

Location: SA
My Contribution: Don is a three time bowel cancer survivor who has now been clear for five years. Professionally, Don is an Accredited Mental Health Clinical Social Worker. As a cancer survivor and Health professional, Don wanted to give something back to the community that could utilise both sets of life experiences and skills. Don became involved in various cancer groups which led him to join JCAG. Here he hopes to assist in research that explores the Psychosocial aspects of people travelling with cancer. Don is married with two daughters and three grandchildren, and enjoys cycling, playing golf & chess, fishing and caravaning.


Max Shub

Location: VIC
My Contribution: Max is a member of the PC4 and PoCoG Joint Community Advisory Group. He is a qualified pharmacist and a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer 12 years ago. He has a desire to improve the quality of cancer research by bringing an understanding of patients concerns through his extensive involvement with support groups including the Prostate Cancer Support Group network, Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry Steering Committee, PoCoG SAC, NEMICS Reference Group and Cancer Trials Consumer Network.