PC4’s GP Circle

At PC4 we are dedicated to ensuring that our research has a strong clinical focus that produces outcomes which benefit both cancer patients and their GPs. PC4 is part of the Department of General Practice at the University of Melbourne. We are funded by Cancer Australia to help develop high-quality research that focuses on the role of primary care across the cancer continuum. We support trials in cancer prevention, screening, early diagnosis, survivorship, shared care and palliative care.

We are seeking GPs interested in providing their clinical insight and experience to help develop new research projects. As part of our GP Circle Group, your role would involve the review of research proposals and providing any insight and experience you have that might improve the quality, scope, design, acceptability or feasibility of the research project.

As a token of our appreciation, PC4 will reimburse GPs for their time and contribution.

Flexible commitment

We appreciate GPs busy schedules and have developed 3 tiers of participation based on availability and to thank you for your assistance we would also reimburse your time depending on the level of assistance provided.

1.  Provide a brief written review of a new project  (1-2 hours – $100 Gift voucher)

2.   Attend part of our workshop to review one new project  (1-2 hours face-to-face – $250 reimbursement)

3.   Attend our full workshop to review all new projects  (6 hours -$600 reimbursement).

As a member of our GP Circle we would also like to include a short bio and photo on our website  pc4tg.com.au

GP Circle application
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