Application to join the Community Advisory Group


The Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4) is funded by Cancer Australia to support the development of cancer research.  Our activities include all aspects of primary care and psychosocial health throughout the spectrum of the cancer journey from prevention, screening, early detection, and treatment through to survivorship and palliative care. We place tremendous value on the involvement of consumers in all aspects of our research programs, particularly via our Community Advisory Group (CAG).


You may have had cancer, known or cared for someone with cancer, or just be interested in cancer research and in helping people. Experience in research is not required, and we are seeking interested consumers with diverse experiences and relevant life skills.


Applications close the 20th March 2020. Applications will be reviewed based on the following selection criteria to contribute to the work of PC4:

  1.  Interests aligned with the goals of the Groups
  2.  Life skills (professional and personal)
  3.  Availability to participate
  4.  Diversity of representation (e.g. cancer experiences and geographical location)

Following the review applicants will be contacted to arrange an interview at a convenient time.  Successful applicants will be notified by electronic letter and invited to accept a position on the CAG. If they choose to accept, applicants must become a member of both groups (no cost) and sign a confidentiality statement.

For more information please contact:

Kristi Milley

PC4 National Manager P: 03 8559 7053 | E:

Expression of Interest

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  • Personal details

  • Demographic Information

    We are seeking people from diverse backgrounds and locations.
  • Please choose which location you spend most of your time
  • Please tick which best applies to your current circumstances
  • Briefly state your occupation or interests, including previous roles if now retired or not currently employed.
  • Experience

  • Are you a member of any other cancer research groups or consumer organisations?
  • If yes, please provide details (name of group/s, your role and recent activities)
  • Please describe any committee or working group experience you have not described above (it doesn’t have to be related to cancer).
  • Have you received any training to be a consumer representative?
  • Select those that refer to your situation
  • Life skills - personal and professional

    People develop many skills from work, social, personal and family experiences. Please think broadly when you answer these questions.
  • Please describe how your life skills may contribute to our Groups’ research activities.
  • Effective communication skills are a key attribute for participation in the CAG, as it is essential that all members are able to listen to others and share their opinions. Please describe your understanding of the skills required for effective communication.
  • Interests aligned with the goals and activities of PC4

    You may like to visit our website to refresh your memory about our activities and help you to give specific examples.
  • What do think you may be able to contribute to the CAG?
  • Why do you wish to be involved in the CAG?
  • Availability to participate

    Please indicate in the table below your likely availability to participate in the key activities of the CAG. We anticipate the maximum attendance commitment to be approximately four days per year (not including travel time). Travel to PC4 events is financially supported for CAG members to attend. This does not include the time required to review documents, which will vary according to individual interest and commitment.
  • We expect the Community Advisory Group will meet once per year and participate in a minimum of 75% of teleconferences, approx. 2-4 per year.
  • CAG members will be required to attend the training activities provided. New members will be required to participate in a Peer Support Program for a minimum of one year. This attendance is included in the estimated time commitment.
  • These opportunities are allocated on the basis of interest, availability and location and are shared amongst members. We hold two Concept Development Workshops per year, and other meetings as required (approximately 2-4 each per year).
  • Referrees

    Please nominate a referee we can contact to discuss your application. This can be professional or personal, and should be able to provide us with insight on how you might contribute to the CAG should your application be successful.
  • Referee 1

  • Thank you

    Thank you for your application.