Advisory Committee application


The principal focus of the Advisory Committee (AC) is to provide strategic advice and support the activities of PC4. This includes guidance in developing the research priorities of PC4, its Strategic Plan, Business Plan, Communications Plan, Annual Report as well as monitoring the activities and progress of the Scientific Committee. Please view the Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.


Only PC4 members are eligible for nomination to the AC. Nominations from PC4 members working in health policy are strongly encouraged to apply.


It is anticipated members of the AC will participate in two face-to-face meetings and 4 teleconferences annually. Additionally, members are expected to attend the PC4 Scientific Symposium. There may also be voluntary participation in other PC4 activities and workshops.


PC4 members will be notified by email. Consumers have the option of requesting information by mail.


Members who wish to nominate themselves to the AC are required to complete this Expression of Interest form. All nominations are submitted to the National Manager for review by a PC4 review panel. Members will be notified of the outcome of their application.

Please note that all information provided in this Expression of Interest form will be treated with the strictest confidence and will not be used for purposes other than identified in this document without permission of the applicant.

For more information please contact:

Kristi Milley, PC4 National Manager P: 03 8559 7053 | E:

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  • The AC seeks representatives from a broad range of disciplines and geographically diverse backgrounds.
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